The devil made me do it!

There have been many excuses in court, but not many have blamed Satan. Arne Johnson tried to blame Satan for the murder he committed.

But lets start with the beginning. 11 year old David Glatzel and his family, had just moved into their new rental home, when David started to act strange. He kept talking about an old man that warned them not to move into the house, and began to have night terrors and seizures. His sister got scared and asked her fiance Arne Johnson to stay with David. Later the saw David get strangled by invisible hands, and began to bruise.  David also talked in demonic voices, that recited the bible or Paradise Lost.

The family called the house evil and refused to continue renting it, and called for multiple priest to come and exorcise David. After a few intense exorcism session, were David levitated, and predicted the murder of Alan Bono, the priests managed to free David of  43 demons.

Arne Johnson decided to examine a well where the demons supposedly were, even thou the family had warned him not to. He began to act strange after the visit to the well, and showed many of the same symptoms as David.

One day Arne went to visit his fiance at the kennel where she worked, and her sister and niece were there too. The fiance and her sister went out for awhile, leaving Arne with the niece (Mary). The owner Alan Bono invited Arne and Mary, out to eat at a local bar, and both Arne and Alan got a bit much to drink. When they returned to the kennel, Arne and Alan got into a fight, and Alan grabbed Mary and wouldn´t let go. Arne then stabbed Alan multiple times.

Arne Johnson went to court and plead innocent, on the grounds of the demonic possession. The judge stated that demonic possession can´t be proven, and sentenced him to 10-20 years in prison.

Arne Johnson served 5 years in prison, and is now a free man.

I don´t now if I believe in demons, but I now that blaming the devil in front of a judge is not very likely to work. Apparently there have been a few cases in Europe where demonic possession has worked as a plead in court. I never really heard of demons that lived in a well before, but then again it is dark, and I´ve heard of demon sightings in water drains.

Do you believe in demons? is this story real?

Comment below!!!

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