A zombie on the bus

First of all sorry for the long wait. I haven´t been able to post anything due to the bad internet connection.

I´m a big fan of the series Izombie, where the main character Liv is a friendly zombie, and is helping the police with her special zombie powers. The same can sadly not be said about Vince Weiguang Li.

In July 2008, Vince Weiguang Li bought a knife because he was hearing god, and god had told him he was very important and had to stop an alien attack. On July 30 same year, Li stepped on a bus and sat down beside a man called Tim McLean, and after a while McLean fell asleep. Li then started to stab McLean in the chest and neck, and as soon as everyone started screaming the bus driver pulled to the side and let the other passengers out. Li decapitated McLean and waved around with his head, taunting the other passengers. the bus driver and some others blocked the doors so Li couldn´t escape, and when he tried to drive the bus, the bus driver activated the emergency immobilizer system. After a while the police arrived, and surrounded Li inside the bus. After 3-4 hour standoff the police finally where able to arrest Li, when he tried to escape.

Li had McLean´s nose, ear and tongue in his pocket, and McLean´s eyes and heart were missing, most likely eaten by Li.

Li is now living at a high security mental facility, and has changed his name to Will Baker. Li also denied that he had eaten any part of McLean, and blames his illness for everything.

I don´t believe Vince Li is a zombie, because he never died and it isn´t sure if he ever ate any human flesh or organs. The way he killed Tim McLean is truly cannibalistic and animal like, and it´s scary that a human can do such a thing to a fellow human.

what do you thing of the event? Is this a real life zombie? is a normal man capable of such a brutal murder?
comment below!!

2 thoughts on “A zombie on the bus

  1. Interesting article Daniel. I’m also a huge fan of Izombie! I have to agree with you, this man does not show all of the typical traits of a zombie, but definitely showed the ferocity of what we can imagine one would. It sounds to me like a severe form of psychosis.

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