Alien contact from the future

The universe is very big, there are more stars than you can imagine, and even more planets orbiting them. There have been a lot of people claiming to seen an UFO or some other alien stuff, and most are recorded in very bad quality footage. I am certain there are others out there, but I am not sure I believe that aliens from a parallel reality are in contact with us now.

The Sassani is a hybrid alien race from the planet Essassani. The story of the Sassani is very confusing, because they are an alien race from the future of a parallel reality, and get this they are also a hybrid from humans and a alien race called the Orion Grays.

The Sassani are a very peaceful species, and live without the concept of money and time. They are about 5 feet tall with grey like skin, and only females have hair. They have small noses and mouths, and big black eyes. They live for about 300 years, and when they die their doesn´t decay, but converts into universal energy.
Their planet, the Essassani, is a bit smaller than Earth, and has a population of about 250 million, and a gravity about 85% of ours. There are no major structures on their planet, and they mostly live in city ships that range from 1 to 10 miles in length. The Essassani is about 500 light years away, but is no longer in our frequency band, so it is not detectable.
They communicate with us through people, one Sassani is called Bashar, and he mostly communicates with a man named Darryl Anka. In a message Basher sent to Darryl Anka in 2001, Basher invited humanity to the Association of the Worlds, and said we were already a honorary member. Bashar went on to talk about how we could better ourselves, and if we just let the idea in it would become reality.

This has gathered many people into a religion or a cult of some kind, that listen and believe that if we follow the message of the Sassani, we could become a better species. Basher also predicted our future a few times, but was only right about half the time.

I gotta say this sounds like something out of the Doctor Who series, I mean a alien race that live on a planet that undetectable, are a sub species of humanity, and have found a way to live in perfect harmony. And I haven´t even come to the parallel reality part yet.

But what do you believe, are aliens real? and are the Sassani real?

Bashar also wrote a book click here

5 thoughts on “Alien contact from the future

  1. I really like this.
    The best evidence I have come across for alien visitation is the book by Paul R. Hill called ‘Unconventional Flying Objects’. It details the hard science of the best UAP sightings. Always readable it is nevertheless unsparing in its use of things like equations to make its point that the best sightings are scientifically consistent, despite being reported by the general public. He makes it clear that this can’t be chance. He had a career that included working with NASA and at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. From his writing style his brilliance is self-evident and, significantly, from the outset he doesn’t ask the question ‘are we alone’; he simply states that we are not. On page 311, I believe, he says he has classified knowledge to that effect. Interestingly, according to UFO lore, alien technology has been partly reversed engineered and one of the companies said to be involved in this is on Hill’s CV. He is dead now and the book was published posthumously by his wife.


      1. You’re welcome. I hope you get a chance to read the book. And if you or anyone reading this comment has a good knowledge of physics I would be interested to read your verdict of the book.


  2. I’ve not heard of this species before, thank you for sharing. I’d say that it is almost a certainty that aliens exist, the universe is far too big for them not to. I need to look more into the Sassani, they sound very interesting.

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