Possessed by a demon

One of my all time favorite TV shows is Supernatural, I love all the crazy adventures Sam and Dean face. The biggest problem Sam and Dean face in the first seasons is demons, but demons are not real, or are they?

Priests claimed Anneliese Michel was possessed by several demons. When Anneliese Michel was 16 she had a seizure, but when doctors examined her, and she didn´t have any symptoms of epilepsy. The seizures lead her into a deep depression, and she said she saw devil faces and heard voices that told her she was damned to rot in hell. She was then sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, and got anti-seizure and anti-psychotic drugs, which she took frequently. After a few years the problem got worse, when Anneliese Michel was 20 she couldn´t walk past a blessed item, like a blessed crucifix or a blessed virgin Mary statue. Her mother reported she had seen Anneliese Michel staring at a virgin Mary figure with jet black eyes.

After this both Annelisese Michel and her parents were convinced she was possessed, and called for a priest. Priest Ernst Alt came to see her and said “she didn´t look like an epileptic”, and he then urged the local bishop to allow a exorcism. Priest Ernst Alt also received a letter from Anneliese Michel stating:

I am nothing, everything about me is vanity, what should I do, you pray for me. I want to suffer for other people…but this is so cruel

Bishop Josef Stangl granted priest Arnold Renz permission to exorcise after a then 400 years old exorcism ritual, but ordered it to be done secretly.  They had exorcism sessions once or twice every week,  and in these sessions Anneliese Michel got very aggressive, and got very strong,  and she also ate insects and drank her own urine. Onetime she mentioned Valentin Fleischmann as one of her demons. Valentin Fleischmann was a priest that was banned from the church for bad behavior, and a person Annelisese Michel was not expected to know about, yet she could talk about him in accurate details.

While the exorcism was going on Anneliese Michel refused to eat, and after almost a year of exorcism she died from starvation.

Bout the parents and the priests were charged with negligent homicide, but weren´t convicted.

Doctors have stated that the voices and the hallucinations are caused by her long time mental-illness, but the priest still believe this to be an act of the devil. What do you believe? are demons real?

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