This is a myth from my home country Faroe Island, and if you don´t now where that is, it´s okay, not many do. Faroe Island is a small country in the North Atlantic ( between Iceland and Norway), and here live about 50.000 people. the country consist of 18 beautiful islands, but enough about Faroe Island.

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Nykur is a creature that can take multiple forms, but usually looks like a horse. It lives in lakes,  and either lore´s people upon on his back looking like a horse, or lore´s girls looking like a young man. It tries to lore people into the lake (for some reason), and the only way to stop him is to yell his name.

There are two myths about the nykur in the Faroe Islands, one is in Sørvági, and the other one is in my home village Eiði.

the one in Sørvágur, is that a few children were playing by the lake, when Nykurin showed up looking like a horse. They all wanted to ride him, and when they toughed him they got stuck. While the creature was heading for the water, a small boy called for his brother Niklas, but didn´t really say it rigth, and it came out nyka. The Nykur thought it was his name and lost his power, and threw everyone off.

Later a priest, walking alongside the lake, spotted the creature looking like a young man. The priest threw a stone near the creature, and started preaching. The stone grew into a big rock, and the priest lored the nykur into to the rock, where it turned into stone.

The myth on Eiði, says that the nykur pulled the rocks for the church. when he was done he was heading for the lake, but was stopped by a child that climed on his back. Every time someone sat on him he grew enough for one more, until everyone on Eiði was sitting on him, but then someone called his name and he threw everyone off.

The Nykur isn´t just in the Faroe Island, but since it´s my home country I chose these myths. These myths are old and I don´t think anyone believes them anymore, they were properly made to scare kids away from the lakes, but who knows. I remember hearing this story when I was little, and always wondering is it still alive, but never really being scared to go near the lake.

Do you believe this myth? Is the Nykur real?

Also would you like to hear more stories from the Faroe Island?

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